Coffee and health – I judge the restaurant by the bread and the coffee; Burt lancaster

Coffee in this century is known as the “Healing Drink”. Coffee is a hot drink made up from the roasted and grounded bean like seeds. Coffee bean is the seed inside the coffee tree also known as `coffee cherry`. Coffee mostly grows in warm

Tips and tricks to make healthy cup of coffee

Coffee is consumed by majority of people in our society on a daily basis. Unfortunately coffee making is not very as easy as it seems to be. A perfect cup of coffee needs some special ingredient and your time. Coffee

B2B marketplace – An excellent tool to expand your business globally

With globalization on the rise, it was important for the people running their own business to attract buyers internationally so that their business could expand and cross international boundaries. The evolution of internet has played a major role in this.

How b2b exchanges are beneficial for your business

Buyer to buyer exchanges is a new concept. It is adopted by many large enterprises and now many new small companies and business owners are also adopting this concept. This is really beneficial because it helps in penetrating into new

How b2b marketplaces are benefiting buyers and suppliers

What marketplace is? It`s a business trade or a market that provides the opportunity to the suppliers and sellers to promote their products or services to relative clients. It`s a place where buyers and sellers communicate, sell and buy. It`s not just

How to find b2b (business to business) clients

Business in today`s world is more like a game of chess; a mind game in which each move has to be well planned and cleverly executed in order to gain maximum profit. Globalization has simultaneously made it easier and difficult

The art of selling wholesale products in b2b market

The buyer to buyer selling is a transaction between wholesalers, manufacturer, retailers and suppliers. This is a part of the supply chain procedure. This procedure is larger than buyer to consumer purchases. The negotiations occur in bulk amount. Most manufacturers and

How to generate maximum inquiries through b2b portals

Buyer to buyer businesses is the strongest business forms. Unlike buyer to consumer buyer to buyer requires more effective contracts there are few chances of errors and you need to be more careful while positioning your product in the market.

Things you must know about suupliers in b2b

Knowing the supplier means knowing the authenticity of the product and that it will be supplied on time as expected. Of course there are other ways too which helps to inform about the supplier, but the chief reasons to know the supplier

Tips for improving lead generation by using b2b marketplace

Lead generation is one of the most important parts of all buyer to buyer marketplaces. Lead generation is a part of the new and latest technologies and it is very effective in the growing trends of communicating and social media.