Top 10 things about watches you must know and the attraction they hold

  • Ever wondered why male population is attracted so much towards the timepiece on their wrists?
  • And why are great many people so choosy about their watches?

Here are the top 10 things regarding watches you must know about and know why you are attracted to it. So when you go out shopping, you know exactly what you want!

  1. It`s a commonly known fact that guys with formal attire are far more attractive than in casual wear. Believe it or not, but wearing a watch gives a sense of sophistication, superiority and commitment with time. It not only attracts people, but also forms a respectable image of yours in minds of many people. It not only implies on guys, rather it works other way around just fine as well.
  2. When you`re out there, wanting to buy a good watch you should know a couple of good brands. Armin Strom, Boucheron, Rolex Submariners, Century, Channel are few of the top watch brands worldwide. If you`re looking for a reasonable price and don`t want to go overboard with your expenses, it`s quite alright… a few local brands will do the job quite credibly.
  3. Wristwatches have been worn by people all over the world for over 100 years! Many people assumed that electronic media will take over and wristwatches will be history. However, unfortunate for them, the case is quite the opposite. Popularity of wristwatches is unbelievably high! I mean notice how many celebrities wear those on the red carpet.
  4. Watches are attractive to all of us; they give a person an air of sophistication and maturity. The sense of propriety-who can ever refuse that?
  5. We all want to be taken seriously. To be taken seriously, we must look serious. People conclude your personality well before you open your mouth. Watches are one of the best ways to do that for you.
  6.  Social etiquette often involves looking you`re very best. Pretty much everybody judge how smart, attractive, tasteful and successful you are based on visuals. That`s probably one of the major reasons everyone is attracted to watches.
  7. While women have many accessories to compliment there looks, guys are known for having a very few accessories to do so. When it comes to men`s accessories; they are much, much inclined towards having a few, but unique accessories. These distinguish them from others and give them their signature look. That`s why they are so keen towards having an expensive, unique watch to separate themselves from others (I`m not talking about the type of guys with multiple facial tattoos and jewelry over here).
  8. Do you wear your watch to tell time alone? When we talk, we communicate a lot by our hands and the person in front looks at the décor on our wrist. Everyone likes that type of attention. It`s one of the things that get most noticed while you talk, so remember to be choosy while buying a watch.
  9. Your watch doesn`t really have to be super expensive or completely out of the league when it comes to your usual wrist wear. It must reflect your personality and taste. Sure, when you are at a luxurious hotel or attending a great party, you might wear super trendy watch. But at thevery usual day, wear a watch that reflects your own self. If you`re the type of person who wants to stand out all the time or you`re in a social circle that absolutely demands it. Well, that`s probably the reason God made brands like Rolex Submariners and Century.
  10. The basic idea of analog watches is simple and quite consistent. The creative touch is shown when it comes down to the way of “expressing” it. There are a lot of watches which express it in their own unique and beautiful way.

For me, wristwatch or any timepiece is like a creation of art. Any watch can tell time, but I prefer watches that look like a masterpiece, And pray! If you enjoy artwork as well as I do, you will surely find some impressive watches to go with your taste. You probably know by now what type of watches are you attracted to. I gave you top 10 things you must know about the watch and the attraction they hold though I have many, many more.

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