Tips and tricks to make healthy cup of coffee

Coffee is consumed by majority of people in our society on a daily basis. Unfortunately coffee making is not very as easy as it seems to be. A perfect cup of coffee needs some special ingredient and your time. Coffee and health is closely related because it helps in boosting the mind and mood. It also helps in decreasing the risk of most diseases. It is very beneficial and if it is tasty, then you cannot stop yourself for taking coffee regularly. Here are some of the tips which will help you in making a good quality and healthy cup of coffee for sure.

Measure coffee carefully

The common mistake people do is, they take less coffee powder. Less amount of coffee powder means weak coffee so it will not affect your mind that much. Less coffee can sometimes result in dizziness because only strong coffee boosts up the mind. I recommend that you to take at least two tablespoons of finely crushed coffee for about six ounces of water. Some coffee maker use one tablespoon of coffee to make a good cup of coffee, but you must try making coffee with two tablespoons for once. It will make you active and positive for the entire day.

Heat water at the perfect degrees

Most coffee makers heat water at the regular temperature. They do not bother to take the temperature, but I must tell you it is very important. Large coffee chains measure their water temperature very carefully because coffee requires 195-205 degree F to dissolve properly. You must boil water up to this temperature. If you will boil it to this level and mix coffee powder after properly heating water then your coffee will be perfect.

Brew time

After measuring the coffee powder and heating water properly. Next step is brewing coffee. Normally coffee makers spent four to five minutes in brewing. But if you brew your coffee for more time it will result in bitter taste and if you will brew it for less time it will result in flavorless coffee. So it is important to measure the time of brewing.

Taste water and milk before making coffee

It is important to taste water and milk before making coffee. If your water will taste bad or your milk is sour it will result in worse coffee ever. Take good quality filtered water and remember to taste it before making coffee.

Crush beans at home

Wherever you are you should crush your beans before making coffee. If you will crush your coffee beans, then you will get great quality and best coffee for each day. Coffee and health are close to each other. 90% people drink coffee after waking. These steps will help you make the best quality coffee.

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