Things you must know about suupliers in b2b

Knowing the supplier means knowing the authenticity of the product and that it will be supplied on time as expected. Of course there are other ways too which helps to inform about the supplier, but the chief reasons to know the supplier are sated above. Online supplier marketplaces of many countries are the best way to look for suppliers, who are able to fulfill all the requirements. These online process offers a large number of suppliers with their profiles and credits and this makes it much easy for the importers/buyers in making a choice. Below are other some ways which should be known about the supplier:

  • Most suppliers are aware of the organizational goals that a client needs to meet; hence, the importer/buyer must not try to trick them in any way. As this can lead to a disastrous situation in which they importer/buyer might suffer more than the supplier does.
  • The risks that a buyer/importer has to make in a feasibility report does not confirm with the supplier. Since, the supplier is only concerned about selling his products so he does not have any idea what the risks would be for that importer/buyer. This responsibility falls on the manager of the buyer company/business.
  • After making sure that the suppliers are responsible and authentic, require a sample before placing a bulk order. Things just don`t work by striking a contract; however, they become more complicated and should be dealt with expertise.
  • Fixing the delivery time for the order should also be dealt beforehand and it is effective if it is viewed that whether the suppliers are good with deadlines.
  • It might also be of useful knowledge that whether the suppliers had some experience before in the type of contract that the buyers are striking now. The level of expectations and shortfalls will be determined by this factor.


Moreover, the buyer/importer company may also hire a third party, if the contract is made in an oversees country, which will be responsible for executing a thorough inspection of the bulk order before the payment is made. However, this step has to be settled with the supplier before the contract is made because a uninformed inspection would arouse suspicion. Also, this inspection team must also have an expertise in the required field and their certifications as to being unbiased must also be ensured


The type, ways and lump of payment that needs to be paid should be settled beforehand with the supplier. 30-70 ratios are deemed to be the best ratio method of payment. Moreover, wired money is thought to be safer than any other forms of payment.

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