The art of selling wholesale products in b2b market

The buyer to buyer selling is a transaction between wholesalers, manufacturer, retailers and suppliers. This is a part of the supply chain procedure. This procedure is larger than buyer to consumer purchases. The negotiations occur in bulk amount. Most manufacturers and suppliers develop activities of sales promotion and discount campaigns to attract credible and reliable buyers. This world is filled with competitors everybody tries to attract maximum buyers for their product to earn maximum profit.

In order to gain high ranking and maximum profit in the market, most wholesalers and manufacturers create some promotional campaigns and selling techniques. In this current century every country is open to import and export as all countries are eager to earn maximum profit by selling their goods to other countries. They have minimized the taxes and vats to the maximum level.

Just as internet has shortened the distances, the same way internet has opened new paths for selling and purchasing bulk quantities. Almost 90% large manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have developed their official websites and subscribed on the online buyer to buyer marketplaces. It is very beneficial for all the manufacturers and suppliers to subscribe on these online buyer to buyer marketplaces. All product categories like agriculture, apparel, computer gadgets, electronics, building and constructions, medical and pharmacy, music instruments and many more.

Internet is not restricted for fun that much now, it is used for almost all business negotiations and business transactions. If you are an end consumer or a buyer, you can search the latest gadgets or the product you are interested in by one of these online buyer to buyer marketplaces. The shipping cost depends on the country and its tax rates. They also mention cost per product for instance a dual core Samsung phone available on the online store is for $69.83 and an iPhone case is available in just $2.99. Here are some of the products on these online stores which are available without any shipping cost. If you are garment supplier, you can get some good quality ladies dresses in just $6.50 per piece without any shipping cost. You can order up to 10000 pieces per week. Other than you can get textile products such as, bed sheets, T shirts, cosmetics and accessories in the USA without any shipping cost.

Manufacturers and suppliers develop unique and innovative strategies of selling their products to other buyers. It is an art of selling wholesale products in the B2B marketplaces. The major strategies used by most manufacturers are discounts offered on bulk buying. For instance if you will buy 10000 USB buy a dealer of China than per piece price will be $6, but if you will buy less than, 1000 pieces then you will buy at the rate of $8 per piece.

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