Role of social media in promoting the b2b marketplace

Promotions of business marketplaces is eminently important and social media plays an important role in promoting business to business marketplaces. Numerous businesses are prospering and getting higher ranks through social media, as it helps connect with the customers and consumers of the product.

Role social media in b2b

There are people who spend hours promoting their products and update the prices and discount offers that the buyers will receive after having purchased the product.Social media continues to get prominence in the marketing world; it not only allows the marketers to do the online campaigns, but also allows them to engage more and more customers from all over the globe.

A social media examiner lately hovered onto 4000 marketers to analyze their campaign on social media and came across a fact that;

  • 65% of internet marketers are using social media for six hours a week.
  • 38% are using for 11 hours and more, weekly. 

This hovering shows how effective and helpful social media is when it comes to promoting businesses.

  • Social mediums are highly popular among people around the globe and are in use, too. Ads of products are made and posted on known sites. Those customers who are glad with the product can help through their feedbacks and can automatically do the promotions by simply posting the advertisement or by talking about it.
  • Social media makes the marketers available to almost all those who are using the social media.
  • It allows open communication.
  • People from around the world can purchase the product, write to the marketer and can provide feedback which helps in the upgrading of the product.
  • Social media is an easy and a fantastic way to reach viewers easily and quickly, it helps connect professionals from around the globe and lets them discuss the ways to make the products much better.
  • Social media is not much expensive; it is helpful for making a large impact on the customer as well as on the seller and his product. 

Many famous brands enter the arena of marketing by using the social media as the source. Online shopping of every item one can imagine has minimized the distances. This idea does not only provoke the famous brands, but enables new firms to enter the market, ultimately resulting in the breakage of the monopoly of a single firm.

Many popular social sites, which almost everybody uses, have played a vital role in bringing the buyers and the sellers, closer. Not only this brings business parallel to business, but intersects customers too. New people get the urge from online-ads to buy and experience the stuff they see, which brings more buyers to the market. Social sites enable peer-to-peer talks which allow more people to get aware of the available stuff; what is in and what is out. The arrival of new sellers and new buyers, enhances the economic prosperity; getting more revenue. Social media serves as a wide display platform where buyers and sellers meet.

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