Latest marketing trends in B2B market

B2B market in the recent years has become very advanced and is used by a lot of people. It has provided the businessmen an opportunity to find manufacturers and suppliers and trade their products in huge bulks. B2B market has also helped the small companies to do business internationally. Sawdagger is a B2B marketplace from UK that provides huge opportunities to the businessmen to promote and sell their products internationally. It has different categories that one can go through which has made it easy for the marketers to search for the products.

Recently, B2B market has gone through a lot of changing trends due to which the businessmen have to stay on their tips to adapt those trends easily. Digital and social means have increased a lot which means that the companies have to interact with their employees, competitors or the customers. For that, they have to utilize different platforms of multimedia and provide their marketers with attractive content. The marketers have to constantly up-date their audience on all the latest offers and products. It is important to have large data in order to make decisions and the marketers have to learn to adapt to changes. Sawdagger has adopted every social media that can be available. They have their accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Google +, You Tube, which have made their connection with their customers a lot more easier. They keep their audience up-dated about the new products, the latest offers, trading options etc.

  1. Social Selling and Employee Advocacy: Before the social media, the employees of the company were the only ambassadors of the company that were being displayed to people. With the presence of social media, the marketers realized that it was important that the employees interact with the audience so they can know more about what the audience wants and the audience as well can understand the main idea of the company. The companies have now designed their programs in social media in a way that would increase their productivity and performance.
  2. Consumerization and Mobile Phones: Mobile phones have taken over everything in a person???s life. It is no longer the third screen, but people want everything on their mobile phones nowadays. It can be through the cloud services, social media, apps, tablet devices etc. people are shopping through their mobile screens, reading through it and interacting with their employees and customers through it.
  3. Big Data: Having a large amount of information about something is more helpful than having a limited amount of it. Social media has made it easier to grab personal information from different places. The markets now have more insight and can easily influence the customers based on that information.

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