Importance of B2B portal in 2014

Importance of B2B portal - Living in the global village so intricately knit by the ever- increasing scenario of exchanging and enhancing the progressive economy, it has become the need of the hour for businesses to have at least the base in commerce and marketing. Such things are defined in the arenas of business, economy, commerce and marketing with the sprinkling of the ever-so progressive social media that provides a wide pool of consumers and business people to interact with. So, to begin with `commerce` particularly, means the buying and selling of items, goods and even services. It also means the social connections between people and also businesses now essentially through the social media.

The commerce stuff if classified into various sections is handled as business to business-B2B, business to consumer-B2C and business to government-B2G. Business to business is that essential component of commerce without which many businesses and related fields such as the two mentioned above might not even work. Business to business is that constituent of commerce that translates the working between the businesses. Examples could be of a manufacturer and an owner of a shop at a small level. A small review presents the value of the B2B classification that says that most of the transactions that are usually mistaken as for the business to consumer-B2C, are in fact the B2B transactions such as of a company obtaining the raw materials from other sources is not a B2C (business to consumer) transaction, but a B2B transaction.

Business to business attitude and the Social Media:

The latter half of the twentieth century saw a major shift. This shift was ideally categorized in the phase of the `cold war-between capitalism and communism`, thus commerce is essentially a capitalist phenomenon and so its offshoots in the mainstream. With the decisive victory of the capitalist ideology businesses and personal profit and success were given quite a space to be nourished and flourished. This was further watered by the advancement of technology and telecommunication typically. The rise of the growing use of internet, adopted by the huge entrepreneurs and enterprises the domestic and local industries also began to flourish in their own way.

In the present century, in this New Year 2014 what can we actually expect from the B2B transactions?

The B2B transactions are now progressing with social media as that helps get a better insight and a much broader pool of audience in time-a very important factor.

B2B the asian century and 2014:

The dawn of the twenty-first century was termed to be for Asia, now typically termed as the Asian Century. What is the connection between B2B, Asian Century and 2014? And, why is this century even the Asian Century? The basic and most prominent reason is that this century is the Asian Century because of these commerce terms and concepts that are beautifully amalgamated in the marketing and business strategies of the Asian markets, thus the twenty first century is the Asian century. And as we all welcome the New Year 2014 social media has though been playing a crucial role in the thriving of the businesses and the emerging of businesses, it would play an even more important one not only this year, but in the coming years to come. Summarizing it up, China, India and the other rising economies are using up these transactions concepts and are also attending and expanding a wide audience, catering their needs through social media and these commerce branches.

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