How to market your brand on B2B portal?

B2B market has gained a lot of success over the years. People have shifted to online marketing because they have more opportunities of doing business there. Even the small companies have found success through B2B marketing by trading and selling their products internationally. Even then, a successful business requires following different strategies in order to sell your product and gain public attention for it. It requires successful marketing strategies and skills. Social media is one of the factors that have helped a lot of businesses to climb over the ladder.  When you introduce a particular brand, the first thing that is required of you is that you tell the audience about it as much as possible. You have to market the brand and let the people know that it is in the market and belongs to a certain company. Sawdagger is active through a lot of social media programs. When a new brand enters the website, Sawdagger sends e-mails, newsletters, blogs, etc to every social account they have and to their customers. They also call their customers to let them know about the product so that if the customer wants to buy it, they know where to find it.

Newsletters and E-mails:

Nowadays people have access to their e-mail accounts through their mobile phones and they are signed in 24/7. This opportunity should not be let passed and quick emails should be sent to the customers whenever a new product is at launch. That way, the customer will know about it and keep it in his or her mind to buy the product from there whenever he needs it. Newsletters and emails work as a call-to-action and it should contain the detailed information about the product.

Company Brand:

Telling the people about you brand is as important as anything. They must be able to associate the product with your brand. You have to create an attractive logo and put it on all the social media accounts. There should be a message that grasps the eye and mind of the customer.

Content Sharing Option:

In order to spread your product, you must have a content sharing option so that your customers can let other people know about it. Sharing information about the product on different social media accounts will help the company to grab more customers.


Blogs are an important part of your company and are read by serious customers. It is highly necessary to include the third party blogs where people can read about it and make decisions on whether to buy you product or not. Almost eighty percent of the internet users read blogs, so it would be beneficial for the company to make a blog or press section of your company so that it gets more coverage. Sawdagger has its own blogs where people write about the products they have bought and it lets people know about how Sawdagger is a successful B2B marketing platform.

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