How to find b2b (business to business) clients

Business in today`s world is more like a game of chess; a mind game in which each move has to be well planned and cleverly executed in order to gain maximum profit. Globalization has simultaneously made it easier and difficult to conduct business; on one hand due to technology the easy access to international markets helps in providing more customers whereas on the other hand due to this easy access the competition in any business has become tougher. There is a vast number of opportunities for both the manufacturer and the buyer, but it depends on how smartly and effectively the business is conducted to gain maximum benefit for both the parties. Finding business-to-business clients can prove to be a tricky task as they are limited in number. Following are a few guidelines that can assist you in finding potential b2b clients:

  • Market Survey -  It would help if you can conduct a short survey of the market you wish to approach, for example you plan to sell glycerin to pharmaceutical companies. Try to get a list of pharmaceutical companies from the concerned trade bodies, and then approach the decision-makers (purchase managers) in those organizations. Find out about the product they currently use and whether they are satisfied with it or not and the reasons for it. Such a survey is called `needs analysis`; it tells you about the expectations, needs and demands of the customers beforehand. This helps you in providing a product that is according to the demands of the clients and the chances of its success increase as you would be selling something that is required by the customers. 
  • Social Media Networking - In these times for a business to flourish, social media networking plays a vital role. It is the fastest and the easiest way to get in touch with potential clients. Make it convenient for your customer to buy your product. Advertise on various popular social networking websites in order to attract customers. Interested clients will get in touch with you online. 
  • Marketing your Product - A good marketing strategy for your product is essential. Use as many mediums as you can e.g., internet, newspaper, mail, etc. Make sure to attend relevant trade exhibitions in order to identify potential b2b clients. 
  • Highlight the Benefits - In every advertisement or face-to-face meeting; highlight the benefit (e.g. low price, better quality) that the client will get by using your product. Not every client will be willing to try out your product so you must mention the `extra benefit` that you are providing 
  • Personal Touch - Build relationships with people. Your b2b customers need to be satisfied with your product. Do not hesitate to provide information or answer their queries. Maintain contact with your client. A steady and honest relationship builds confidence and long lasting ties. Add the personal touch that will make your potential client more comfortable with you and eager to try your product.

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