Guidelines for online social media marketing

Social media has become one of the very things in this century that we all depend upon. Without the social media networking sites, one cannot imagine to survive or connect with people in a matter of seconds.  Business is now all about being on social media. B2B marketers have created their accounts in social media websites and they are promoting their work to huge amounts of audiences through them. The new arrivals, activities, promotions, feedbacks, suggestions, posts and almost everything that requires attracting a mass audience is being done through social media websites. Sawdagger is one of the B2B market platforms that is using a huge part of Sawdagger official social media websites just to connect with their customers and attracting more customers in their company. Apart from that, they also have blogs which attracts more audience for them and increases their trading chances. Despite the ease of using social media, strategies must be planned so that the company hits the right target and achieve their objectives that they set out to achieve. Following are some guidelines for online social media marketing:
  • Share content regularly:

Regular reminder of anything has proved to be more long lasting in a person???s memory. In order to gain the attention of the customers, a company must regularly post on all its social media websites so that it can be seen in the news feed of the customers. Constant reminder would stay put in the customer???s mind and he would remember even after days about where to find the product when he wants one.

  • Use of Images with Posts:

Pictures and colors are very attractive. When posting anything related to the product, one must include photos as they are the first thing that catches the eye of the customer. If the picture is attractive enough, it would compel the customer to read the post. Sawdagger posts picture of every product with description when posting about it on its social media websites.

  • Run Campaigns:

Campaigns must be highly attractive and must communicate with an effective message. They must build an image of the brand and the customer must be able to associate a product with the campaign and the company. Campaigns on social media websites save a lot of money and advertising is comparatively easy on the website than on the newspaper or transit as there is no issue of space or money.

  • Question and Answer Day:

Engaging with the customers is highly necessary and the social websites are the perfect way to do that. The company must assign a specific day of the week when they would answer every question of the customers with details so that the customers are satisfied and provide a relevant feedback.

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