Coffee and health – I judge the restaurant by the bread and the coffee; Burt lancaster

Coffee in this century is known as the “Healing Drink”. Coffee is a hot drink made up from the roasted and grounded bean like seeds. Coffee bean is the seed inside the coffee tree also known as `coffee cherry`. Coffee mostly grows in warm and humid climates. The history of the coffee is quite old and grounded from the 13thcentury. The origin of the coffee was initially East Africa then Arabs cultivated coffee for the first time in the 14th century and after that process continues until today now coffee is the essential ingredient for every region`s nutrient plan. Coffee is now considered the healthiest drink and helps reduce the risk factors of many diseases. Here are some prominent health benefits of the coffee:

Coffee and health benefits:

  1. Coffee helps in protecting the brain as it helps from the Alzheimer`s disease and dementia. Research on coffee also shows that it helps in stress reduction ability.
  2. Coffee also strength the brain functions and helps in gaining and maintaining the energy.
  3. Coffee drinkers also have the lower chances of Parkinson disease, which is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system.
  4. Coffee consumption also protect from the diabetes type-two by blocking the substance that causes diabetes.
  5. Research on coffee come up with a new discovery that disfiguring of liver is postponed by the consumption of coffee.
  6. Drinking coffee also prevent us from the most prevailing cancer the skin cancer because of the presence of the substance caffeine.
  7. Presence of antioxidants makes the skin smoother and even toned.
  8. From the previous research coffee is helpful in maintaining the good health of reproductive systems of both males and females. From the scientific study it is found that 4-5 cups of daily coffee, the reproductive system remains exultant and maintains the sexual health.
  9. Globally coffee is famous for having the antioxidants in it. Antioxidant helps in preventing from the revolting diseases.
  10. Coffee is the key to endurance and long life Studies on coffee and health shows that adequate usage of coffee helps in longer life expectancies.
  11. Several studies also shows that coffee boost up the metabolic rate up to 11%. Metabolic rate is defined as the amount of energy expended in a given period or the speed of chemical reactions take place in the human body.
  12. Caffeine the most important ingredient of coffee is now known as another Vitamin C.

Coffee is pretty amazing drink for the human health and coffee becomes more than an addiction. Adequate use of coffee adds not only taste, but the health in your life.

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