A glance into men wrist watches brands and trends 2013 – 14

The concept of the wrist watches evolved from the 16th century. Earlier, all wrist watches were mechanical and used by the women, while men used the pocket watches. Now the trend of digital watches is in.It is only piece of jewelry men wear apart fromthe wedding ring. As men started paying attention to their outlook, the accessories like laptops, mobiles and wrist watches has received a greater attention in every men`s life. Luxury watches show ones taste, image and life style. Branded watches add style in the looks and image. A watch in men`s wardrobe is a quick fix solution in men`s character and image.


Things to consider in buying men`s watches:

As said above this is only an accessory a man can own with great interest so following things should be kept in mind  while buying men`s watches:

  • Life style:

First point to consider and is very important, is to keep in mind your lifestyle. To buy a dressier watch, durability should be considered. Watches must be durable and should look stylish as well. Buy the best watch which is affordable and enjoyable. Size of the dial is also very important. Larger dials are trendier these days. Bigger watches are more suitable for men as they carry them with ease.

  • Shock and Water Resistance:

Choose the watch with both shock and water resistance. Check the watch`s dial for this purpose and make sure before buying. Waterresistance saves watches from sweat, moisture and rain.It is measured in meters and ranges from 50-100 meters.

  • Mechanical Movements:

For the life time usage, go for the mechanical movements. It uses a small pendulum to windup and keeps time.

  • Color of strap and face:

Colors of the surface and strap must be trendy and classical. Colors must be exciting and look appropriate with your personality and life style. So here is the list of top men`s watches.

List of top Men`s wrist watches:

Here is the list of top 10 trendy and classy watches amongst the pool of numerous brands:

  • Rolex:

This is top luxury watch brand. Rolex is included in the status symbol brands. It was the first waterproof wrist watch. Rolex watches are heavy in weight because they are made-up from solid gold. These watches have a smooth movement that ticks at the rate of 5-8 times per second.

  • Patek Philippe:

This is one of the best mechanical watches and are also known as king of watches. Unique designs are the distinguishable factor of this brand.

  • TAG Heuer:

It is one of the pioneer brands that come up with the innovations in watch making industry. These watches are trendy and have coolness. We can say that real men wear watches but real rich men wear TAG Heuer.

  • Raymond:

Affordable price is one of the salient features of this brand.

  • Omega:

It is one of the biggest watch brands. It is the first branded watch designed for divers. Omega is one of the reliable brands.

Written by Sawdagger.com