5 basic tips to select best new year gifts for women – A diamond wrist watch

Every New Year`s Eve brings millions of hopes and desires for each individual. Each person wishes for happiness and joys for the upcoming year. People follow many rituals on the New Year`s Eve. These rituals are ways to express their joy, happiness and love for loved ones on the special night. One of the most lovable and beautiful tradition is giving New Year`s present or gift to your loved ones.  Men spent millions of dollars every year to find a perfect gift for their girlfriends, wives, mothers or sisters. Just like men, women also spent a lot of time and money on expensive gifts for their partners and fathers.


Diamonds are the best friends of women so while choosing a gift for your wife or girlfriend. Diamonds are a perfect choice. A good quality diamond studded watch is a perfect present for any women. You will see the sparkle in her eyes and a million dollar smile when you will give her the Best New Year gift for women – A diamond wrist watch. But unfortunately most men get confuse in choosing the perfect watch so in such condition you can find it out on women wrist watch marketplace. That is why they end up making a wrong choice or fall for another thing rather than a watch.

My basic tips will help you find a perfect and most elegant gift for your girl.

  1. Firstly, do some market research. Finding a diamond wrist watch for women is a delicate process. You need to gather some knowledge about the diamond cuts and diamond prices along with the leading brands.
  2. Find any deals on diamond wrist watches offered on special days by big brands. Most brand like Rolex, Titan etc offer discounts or limited edition watches on special days like New Year`s Eve or Valentine`s Day. So, you have to check these deals during your market research.
  3. Check the clarity, color, cuts and carats of the diamond before purchasing the watch. There are different ranges which will help you select your diamond.
  4. Choose the metal type as well. There are seven different types of metals in a wrist watch such as platinum, gold, silver, tungsten carbide, titanium, gold plated and gold filled. Each metal is designed with perfection. You can choose according to your buying power.
  5. Check the band types. Mainly leather and plastic is used for bands. So, consider the most appropriate band for the special watch.
  6. The last step is checking band size. It is more appropriate that you will choose an adjustable band because it will fit perfectly on the wrist.

All these steps are applicable in buying online or from main outlet. If you will follow these steps I am sure that she will love your efforts and the best New Year gift

Written by Sawdagger.com